It's here... the world's first stainless steel screwdriver, bit hex key line for industrial applications.

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Apex 4930
Wera 59815 851/4 TZ; PH 3 x 50mm

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Wera Tools' Research & Development centre in Wuppertal, Germany has created a vacuum ice-hardening process that preserves flexibility while making seriously hard stainless steel.

Top reasons to go with Stainless: Optimal hardness and flexibility • Replace tools less often and lower your costs • Best of all, no more rust contamination in stainless steel fasteners.

Wera Stainless SteelThe Science Behind Wera Stainless Steel

There has always been a need for stainless steel tools - to combat extraneous rust in stainless steel fasteners. Until now, stainless steel could not be made hard enough for industrial screwdriving applications. Hard meant brittle, which meant breakage.

But after extensive testing, Wera Tools' German R&D experts cracked the problem with a special vacuum ice-hardening process. Tools are cryogenically hardened at very low temperatures. This preserves flexibility while giving tools optimal hardness and durability values.


Top 5 Reasons
bullet "Make it or Break it"
The Crew Report (PDF)
bullet "Kraftform Line Eliminates Cross-Contamination on Stainless Fasteners"
IEN * Industrial Equipment News
bullet "Hand Tools That Won't Rust"
Blue Water Sailing (PDF)

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